Why reform DSM-5?

The American Psychiatric Association publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), which is widely called the “label bible” of psychiatry. They are currently engaged in a revision from DSM IV to DSM 5. APA plans to publish in 2013.

But the DSM is often used by the mental health industry, and other fields, to take away people’s human rights, and to defame their character.

Here is a list adapted from Allen Frances’ Psychology Today blog. Dr. Frances is one of the lead authors of the DSM-IV.

  • Best not to just take the word of the APA since it’s quite powerful.
  • The DSM-5 is too risky to ignore.
  • The DSM-5 needs independent review.
  • The DSM-5 adds many new and untested diagnoses so many more people will get psychiatric labels. Paula Kaplan has thoroughly documented stories of people harmed by psychiatric labels.
  • Medications help some people but harm others and may increase disability. This happens because doctors know how to put people on meds, but don’t know how to help people through discontinuation syndromes and withdrawal effects when people try to come off meds. Much evidence shows that many meds may have no long term benefit in the aggregate.
  • DSM-5 uses field trials that only check whether labels can be applied and doesn’t check their usefulness.
  • Labels like attenuated psychosis syndrome will make many young people needlessly believe that they have schizophrenia, often thought of as the “worst psychiatric label.” Yet we’ve know since 1978 that antipsychotics cause psychosis.

From Allen Frances: “But what is the most compelling reason for signing the petition to reform DSM 5? This is easy. Our first responsibility as physicians is to DO NO HARM!!! DSM 5 will do grave harm to the people who are misdiagnosed and then often receive unnecessary medication (especially the widely overprecribed antipsychotics that can cause such dangerous weight gains).”

A petition to ask for psychiatric reform can be accessed at:


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The following are a few links to check out about challenging the tyranny of the DSM 5 – the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual “Fifth Try”:

http://www.mindfreedom.org – independent nonprofit human rights coalition

http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dsm5-in-distress/201106/who-needs-dsm-5 – article by key leader of DSM IV, that is highly critical of DSM 5.

http://www.psychrights.org-Law Project for Psychiatric Rights

Did you know…

That one revision by the APA is to change from roman numerals for their current version (DSM IV) to arabic numerals for their next version (DSM 5). We guess it’s a bit more like software releases with a scientific feel, allowing incremental revisions in the future. Every time the APA changes the DSM, they make a lot of money because people in many professions are required to pay for the latest revision.

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